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About us

Film Stockholm: A resource center for motion pictures

The assignment of Film Stockholm is to initiate, coordinate and develop film and media pedagogical activity, promote the spread and showing of high quality film, support talent development and greenhouse activity with focus on young filmmakers as well as supporting the development of the regional film culture.

Our main target group is children and young people enrolled in preschools, schools and activities outside of school, as well as young filmmakers up to the age of 30. Our goal is for children and young people in the Stockholm region to be given the opportunity to learn, play, create and develop with film and motion pictures regardless of geographical area, gender, class or cultural background.

Film Stockholm is part of the Culture Administration of Region Stockholm (formerly Stockholm County Council) and works on assignment from the Region Stockholm Culture Committee and the Swedish Film Institute. We are financed by government funds through the Swedish Film Institute and regional funds through Region Stockholm, as part of one out of seven regional functions within the cultural area.

Film Stockholm is also one of Sweden's 19 regional resource centres for film and motion pictures. All of the resource centres are part of a network for coordinating common issues and matters – Regionala filmresurscentrums samarbetsråd (the Cooperation Council of Regional Film Resource Centres).